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What I offer

Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics tuition for GCSE and A-level 

I offer both face to face tutoring as well as online through zoom

I've been working in Calderdale and Kirkless for the last 12 years working in Halifax, Huddersfield and all the surrounding areas. I've worked with students and all the local schools and colleges as well as working with home schooled students and adult learners.

Most of my students find that an hour is a good amount of time for a tutoring session, long enough we can get into detail on a particular topic but not too long that mental fatigue creeps in. Everyone is different some prefer longer and some prefer shorter and I'm happy to accommodate my students for their needs.

My rate is £40 p/h for online sessions or for sessions at my house and £45 p/h for sessions where I travel pout to the student either at their house or at a mutual location.

In terms of what we cover in the sessions that's up to the student we can cover as many different topics from as many different subjects as the student likes.

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