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Local Maths and Science tutoring that's personal and professional

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Having studied Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry at A-level and then going onto study natural sciences at Cambridge I have a knowledge that's broad as it is deep. Being able to explain WHY in science is such an important part of understanding and improving, as well as being a resource for students wanting to go outside the syllabus because of self interest or to prepare for university.

I've worked as a tutor full time for over 10 years, teaching hundreds of students in that time. I've taught primary, secondary, A-level, university, adult learners and home schooled students. 

I understand that all my students are different which is why I take a different approach based on individual needs. I try to make the sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible to create a rich learning environment. I endeavorer to remove the stress and pressure from learning to make my students feel as relaxed as possible


My Philosophy


I've always had the belief that my students know themselves better than anyone else. How they learn best, their strengths, their weaknesses, the pace at which they learn and the environment that maximises their potential. How does this translate into the sessions? My sessions are student led this means that they are in control, choosing the topics they want to cover and the type of learning that will suit them best.

How does this help? By empowering my students they know the sessions are going to be productive by forcing them to think about the elements of the session prior to it taking place they are always prepared and maximise efficiency.

What does this look like practically? Well it might mean that a student when they turn up to a session what's to go through a type of question in maths they've been struggling on, then a recent test they've done in biology and why they got certain questions wrong and also explaining a concept in chemistry they didn't get in a lesson. The sessions are for my students to do what they want, they know their own needs and they can chop and change between subjects as much or as little as they like.

Through my experience I have found that students learn much better when they are relaxed and comfortable. This has led me to adopt a laid back and informal approach to ensure that the learning environment maximises the tutees ability to learn. I understand that everyone has individual needs and learns differently and because of this I am very adaptable in the way I teach. I focus my lessons on two main areas: the first involves making sure the tutee has a firm understanding of the topic and all the principles that are involved within it removing any misconceptions that would hamper further progress. The second area works on the tutees technique working with them to ensure they can understand, digest and answer questions.

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